Great minds for great sound

From the initial idea for a new circuit right through to its implementation as a finished circuit board, we are capable of carrying out every step, and work with great dedication and a spirit of innovation. Our ambition is quality, not low manufacturing costs, and that is why we set no restrictions of any kind when developing our products. Our development department collaborates with universities and technical colleges, promotes undergraduate work, and carries out fundamental development. This explains why so many pioneering concepts in the audio industry originated with us - from digital signal processing to active loudspeaker concepts. We develop every loudspeaker component ourselves, from the cabinet to the drive unit cradle, and even the film membrane of an electrostatic unit, and all parts are manufactured to our specifications by specialist companies. Our facilities include modern measuring equipment and an anechoic measurement chamber, creating ideal conditions for the development of drive units, cabinets and cross-overs. We create products which are more than just loudspeakers - they are cathedrals for sound.