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April 20, 2019
MD-805MK-II 60W Single-Ended Mono Block Power Amplifier
April 20, 2019
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PR-X2 Line Preamplifier

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  • PR-X2 is designed to match with all WAVAC Audio Lab’s power amplifiers.
  • PR-X2 is also developed for the use of other power amplifiers of different brands.
  • Cosmetically PR-X2 has a charming slim body to entice audiophile.
  • Volume knobs are large and easy to operate from the human engineering point of view. This is also a part of uniqueness in design to appeal the eye of end-user.
  • For the convenience of the user, it has remote function of six input selections plus on-off power switch of PR-X2.(remote does not work for balance controls)
  • PR-X2 has separate power supply so that the body is made very thin.
  • Tubes are covered by the gold plated shielded case which enhance the value of product.
  • Like wise, CPU is covered by gold plated case for shielding.


Input terminal Digital level : 3ch
Analogue level : 3ch
Input sensitivity Digital level input : 2V
Analogue level input:500mV
Input impedance 100K ohms
Input sensitivity 1.0Vrms
Output terminal Pre-outx1ch : Rec-outx1ch
Output impedance Pre-out:10k Rec-out47k ohm
Output terminal Pre-outx1ch : Rec-outx1ch
Frequency range 20Hz-50KHz
S/N ratio 95dB
Power consumption 100 watts
Power supply 100,110,120,220,230,240
VAC 50-60Hz
(selected when shipped)
External dimensions 420Wx400Dx85H(mm)
Weight 3kg
(excluding power supply)