HE-833v2 150W Single-Ended Mono Block Power Amplifier
April 20, 2019
MD-300B 10W Single-Ended Stereo Power Amplifier
April 20, 2019
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HE-833MkII 150W Single-Ended Mono Block Power Amplifier

Single-Ended Non-NFB Stereo Power Amplifier

The legendary 300B power triode has long been the first choice of many serious music listeners because of the natural, emotional presentation of amplifiers using this power tube. The 300B tube works very well in traditional circuits and this is part of the reason why this ancient triode has become so famous worldwide. We appreciate the achievements of old-fashioned single- ended 300B amplifiers, but the dream of the full potential of 300B for musical reproduction has only come true with the creation of the EC-300B amplifier.
In the EC-300B, 300B tube is special adaptation of our proprietary IITC interstage transformer coupling circuit. Our design is carefully tailored to furnish ideal drive conditions for the output tube, opening the door to dramatic new levels of low-end articulation and dynamic excitement for single-ended 300B amplifiers. The ample 10 watt output of the EC-300B provides full-bodied musical reproduction that you will appreciate for a long, long time.
The result of our intensive research, the EC-300B, is a completely modern amplifier dedicated to the timeless quest for musical enjoyment.
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  • The HE-833MkII is a highly specified model and created with our leading state-of-the-art design techniques as a WAVAC Audio Lab special 10th anniversary model.
  • The power supply which uses technology from the SH-833 is a slightly compact version found in the top model, SH-833. By isolating the amplifier and the power supply sections, affects of induction and magnetic field coming from the power supply and the transformers are prevented and pure power is supplied to the amplifier.
  • The signal circuit eliminates a condenser and solidifies the dynamic range by using direct coupled circuitry and transformer-coupled.
  • All the tube heaters are rectified by Silicon-diode. The pi-shaped filter choke transformers are DC ignited by a large volumetric condenser to minimize hum noise.
  • Silver wiring is used for the amplifier signal path. Gold-plated phosphor bronze terminals are connected to prevent signal deterioration and improve sound quality.
  • All the tube sockets are machined from Teflon and use high quality gold plated round pins made of phosphor bronze to improve sound quality by reducing contact and resistor between the tubes and the sockets.
  • CNC processed 60mm aluminum board with beautiful champagne gold aluminum finish is used for the main amplifier chassis.
  • Chassis employs pin pointed base and Beta-GEL as a vibration absorber. Vibration control machinery by Beta-GEL is also used for all the tube sockets to eliminate affects of vibration


Power Tube 833
Effective Power output 150 watts
Frequency range 20Hz-100KHz
Input sensitivity 1.0Vrms
Input impedance 100k ohms
S/N ratio >95dB
Power consumption 800W(each)
Power supply 100,110,120,220,230,240
VAC 50-60Hz
(selected when shipped)
Load impedance 4/8 ohms
External dimensions 410Wx550Dx302H(mm)
Weight 50kg(each)
(exclude power supply)