EC-838 35W Single-Ended Stereo Power Amplifier
April 20, 2019
HE-833v2 150W Single-Ended Mono Block Power Amplifier
April 20, 2019
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HE-805v2 50W Single-Ended Stereo Power Amplifier

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  • The novel IITC circuit utilizes the 805 transmitting tube to its ultimate sonic potential.
  • Direct coupled circuity eliminates coupling capacitors for outstanding dynamic range and uncolored sound.
  • The chassis is milled out of 60mm thick block of aerospace-grade aluminum and finished in a lustrous champagne-gold.
  • The specially-designed transformers used in WAVAC Audio Lab. amplifiers are custom-wound to the highest standards by TANGO, the most renowned transformer manufacturer in Japan.
  • All tube sockets are machined out of solid Teflon stock and assembled with heavy gold plated phosphor bronze contacts. Elastomeric anti-vibration mounting arrangement is provide isolation the tubes from environmental vibrations.
  • Gold-plated speaker jacks which will accommodate heavy audiophile speaker cabled are mounted on the top of the amplifier for easy access.
  • Reduction of noise caused by electric power supply is reduced by power line input filter.
  • All elegant laboratory glass canopy is fitted to the chassis with elastomeric supports for protection of the tubes.
  • A highly-filtered DC filament supply reduces hum and noise.


Power Tube 805
Effective Power output 50 watts per channel
Frequency range 20Hz-60KHz
Input sensitivity 1Vrms
Input impedance 100k ohms
S/N ratio 85dB
Power consumption 500 watts
Power supply 100,110,120,220,230,240
VAC 50-60Hz
(selected when shipped)
Load impedance 4/8(16) ohms
External dimensions 540Wx410Dx290H(mm)
Weight 60kg