With a dream to built the best av system money can buy, Mr. Widjaja Suriana, an avid audio/video phile, founded PT Suria Inti Semesta to give his customers the best value for money av system as he can.

In his 24 years of experience in av business, he discovered that many audio seller does not have extensive knowledge about his products, thus unable to get their customer the best experience. And many are profit driven and often selling more than what the customer needed. Mr. Widjaja Suriana, in hope of resolving the issue has build PT Suria Inti Semesta. Under his management PT Suria Inti Semesta will be equipped with both product and general knowledge to provide great service to our customers. And with customer satisfaction as our main goal, we will make no attempt to try to oversell to our customers needs. But we will do our best to give our customer greater value products at an affordable price.

Our product knowledge, support and service are second to none and make working with us a pleasure.